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  • Why do many people choose household inverter?
    As far as I know, the household inverter function is a sine wave output that can carry any load and extend the load range. Full processor control, automatic intelligent switching, switching time 2ms. It can your computer server etc. protect from restarting the slow start function during a power fail
  • What Is the Significance of the Solar Charge Controller?
    ​After the battery is overloaded, charge it with a high voltage, which is faster. If the battery is finally to be fully charged, use the maintenance voltage to charge the battery slowly in the maintenance mode. Better protect the battery. The basic function of the solar charge controller is to manage the battery.
  • What Is the Significance of on Grid Inverter?
    The on grid inverter can only inject rated power into the grid for PQ control, and the voltage and frequency of the grid-connected point are not stable. In terms of hardware structure, the DC input of the on grid inverter is usually a volatile renewable energy source such as photovoltaic or wind power.
  • What Is the Significance of Lithium Batteries?
    lithium batteries are divided into lithium and lithium batteries. Mobile phones and laptops use lithium batteries, commonly referred to as lithium batteries. Batteries typically use lithium-containing materials as electrodes that are representative of modern high-performance batteries. Due to its high risk, the real lithium battery is rarely used in everyday electronic products.
  • What Are the Steps of Using On/Off Grid Inverter?
    ​Photovoltaic On/off grid inverters can convert the variable DC voltage generated by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into mains frequency alternating current (AC), which can be fed back to commercial power transmission systems or used by off-grid power grids. Photovoltaic On/off grid inverter is one of the important system balance (BOS) in photovoltaic array system, and it can be used with general AC power supply equipment. Solar On/off grid inverters have special functions that cooperate with photovoltaic arrays, such as maximum power point tracking and islanding protection.
  • What Are the Steps in the Use of Lithium Batteries?
    lithium batteries are a type of battery that uses lithium metal or a lithium alloy as a negative electrode material and uses a non-aqueous electrolyte solution. The earliest lithium battery comes from the great inventor Edison. Due to the very active chemical properties of lithium metal, the processing, storage and use of lithium metal impose very high environmental requirements. It is more environmentally friendly and more comfortable than ordinary batteries.
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