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Dealer Policy

The basic conditions for becoming a distributor of Sumray Electronics

1. Enterprises or individual businesses with legal business license procedures.

2. With the corresponding economic strength, good reputation, market operation experience and mature market network.

3. Have professional marketing staff, can actively participate in market planning and feedback market information.

4. We are willing to cooperate with each other for a long time on the basis of mutual trust.

Development planning of distributors

1. Sumray electronics plans to develop distributors all over the world.

2. A provincial capital city generally develops 3-5 distributors, a regional city develops 2-3 distributors, and a county-level city develops 3-5 distributors One or two county-level cities will be developed.

3. Dealers can develop into the general agent of Sumray electronics, and enjoy broader development power and profit space.

Price and market protection

1. Sumray electronics establishes a systematic price management policy, provides wholesale prices to dealers, and implements price protection policy.

2. Sumray electronics has established a rigorous market protection mechanism to protect dealers' customer resources and market interests.

3. For important projects, personalized customization scheme can be provided.

4. Sumray electronics can provide dealers with the information of customers who are interested in purchasing in the region.

Advertising and publicity

1. Sumray electronics has invested a lot of money and energy to establish network marketing system to help dealers find customer information, and has achieved great results in network marketing.

2. Participate in trade fairs in some cities to help dealers expand the market.

Training and business guidance

1. Sumray electronics has built a systematic and comprehensive knowledge management system and established a training system to provide regular and systematic technical training for dealers.

2. Sumray electronics has detailed marketing planning for the regional market, and provides detailed marketing and sales training for dealers.

3. Sumray electronics provides daily business, technical support and guidance to dealers.

4. Important projects for dealers can be supported.


Samples can be provided at a favorable price.

Sales task and rebate

1. The Distributor shall complete the sales task agreed by both parties.

2. Complete the sales task can have rich rebate.

Sumray electronic sales and service network construction positioning

1. Shenzhen Sumray Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of inverter, solar controller, portable UPS, lithium battery and related power supply products. It is a reliable Inverter Manufacturer in the world.

2. Sumray electronics focuses on the construction of sales and service network. It is an important market development strategy for Sumray electronics to develop dealers all over the world and establish a dealer network.

Concept of cooperation

1. Sumray electronics deeply understands the close cooperation between manufacturers and distributors, supports each other, integrates with each other, keeps its promise and grows together.

2. Respecting the rules of the game and safeguarding the interests of partners are the primary basic principles for Sumray electronics to establish a dealer network.

Cooperation achieved

1. After a period of cooperation and full investigation, Sumray electronics and the intended distributors confirmed their cooperation intention and signed a distribution agreement.

2. The distribution agreement is a programmatic guidance document for the cooperation between the two parties, which ensures the interests of both parties and enables long-term cooperation.

Development prospects of bilateral cooperation

1. 17 years of hard work in the industry, reflecting the determination and confidence of Sumray electronics to be precise, professional and far-reaching.

2. The development strategy and goal of Sumray electronics is to become a leading enterprise in the industry and develop to related industries.

3. Sumray electronics continues to invest in the development of new products to provide strong development momentum and sustainable value-added space for dealers.

4. Sumray electronics and dealers develop and grow together, and can achieve greater development through capital integration.


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