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Service System

1. Pre sales service

Can provide customers with pre-sale technical consultation, detailed introduction of product working principle, technical performance.

2. On sale service:

After signing the contract, inform the customers of the production and transportation situation in time, and deliver the products safely as soon as possible.

3. After-sale service:

1. All products are guaranteed for one year, free maintenance or replacement within three months from the date of sale, and free maintenance within one year.
2. It can provide daily maintenance training for user maintenance personnel.
3. After the goods are delivered to the user, the company will provide commissioning service according to the specific situation of the project to ensure the normal 
operation of the equipment on schedule.
4. Conduct telephone follow-up and irregular on-site follow-up, timely understand the operation of equipment, and solve problems for customers.
5. 24 hour service hotline: 0755-81737203

Service Process

1. Provide plan
2. Technical training
3. Logistics tracking
4. Project follow up
5. Information feedback
6. After-sales service


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